Bayview Police Station -San Francisco, CA  [ 1996 ]
Armstrong Housing Projects -San Francisco, CA  [ 2008 ]

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The Bayview Library -San Francisco, CA  [ 2012 ]
Hunters Point Shipyard Block 51 -San Francisco, CA  [ 2013 ]
Lombard St  -San Francisco, CA  [ 1994 ]
KCK Builders- $8M 

As, VP for KCK Builders, Freddie M. Carter also served as Estimator, headed up the construction management negotiating team, and served as Project Manager/ Superintendent. This was a very notable project for the Bayview District as it was in the heart of the neighborhood and many people didn't think that it could be lead and built by someone from community. 
SF mayor Ed Lee and Freddie Carter Sr. at The Bayview Hunters Point Public Library
FMC - $250K
"The Crooked Street"
Starting from the top of Lombard St. to the bottom, Freddie M. Carter implemented and designed a unique brick pattern to restore the world's crookedest street located in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Even after 20 years and the passing of hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles, his brick design was built to last.
FMC- $4.5M 

FMC served as Superintendent, in charge of the entire project and assisted in project management duties as well.
Roberts Obayashi- $21M - 2014-2015.

Freddie M. Carter serves as Superintendent heading up day to day coordination of sub contractors, maintains schedules, and handles the local hiring component where 52% of local participation is currently achieved.
Roberts Obayashi- $40M 

Freddie M. Carter served as Superintendent for the building of 126 townhouses located in the Bayview District.